We put our skills at your service and work to ensure that your real estate sale project is carried out under the best conditions and in complete serenity.

Each property is unique, and each sale must therefore be conducted in a unique way. By calling on our team, you benefit from specific solutions adapted to your needs and implemented in a relevant and professional manner.

Our sales force is distinguished by our personalised approach and our total involvement in all the mandates entrusted to us. Our clients are central to the projects we carry out and defending their interests at all times is fundamental.




>  One or more interview(s) at your home
>  Personalised advice and follow-up throughout the mandate

>  Estimation at fair price of the market value of the property
>  Valuation and marketing strategy
>  Creation of a complete sales file
>  Presentation and personalised delivery to our many clients who may be interested in the asset
>  Diffusion and communication through specialised media and our network of partners
Organisation and management of visits with maximum availability
>  Monitoring, negotiation, advice and procedures with future buyers
>  Planning, advice and financing research
>  Steps and support until the signature at the notary’s office


Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

We look forward to getting to know you and contributing to your success.


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